A complete guide for webmastering

Isn’t the title somewhat misleading? A complete guide for webmastering? Could it be a complete guide ever? Ahh…. Who knows lets just try and make it as complete as possible. There is enough of time left and maybe someday this will be more or less near to the complete guide for webmastering.

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Using Paypal Mass Pay

Paypal mass pay method is available to anyone with a premier or business account. Now as a domainer or a webmaster when you sell your website and do receive the payments in your paypal there is a paypal fees applied to the transaction and in many cases this sums up to large amounts. For example even if you are providing services like SEO or web development for clients and they are paying you in paypal then you can take the benefit of paypal mass pay.

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Useage of sitemaps

Most of you might have heard about sitemaps. For those who haven’t they should check the google’s sitemap section here at: http://www.google.com/sitemaps/

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Banning an IP with .htaccess file

No AccessSometimes there are situations where you would like to ban an IP to stop the misuse of your site and its services. So here is a technique for banning an IP with the help of .htaccess file.
You will have to create an empty .htaccess file or use an existing one on server if it is already overthere.The code to ban an IP with .htaccess file. [Read more...]

Off Page SEO – Part 1

I did write some tips for the On Page SEO. I was not planning to make another post right now for the off page part of SEO but then I decided to give it a go.

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Ruuz directoryRuuz.com Web Directory was founded in Nov 2005. I did spent a lot of time just pondering over the idea of developing it and then in end came up with a custom template for it. Made some links for initial boost and it shot upto PR 4. Joined ISEDN and then some initial submissions started flowing in. At first the pricing was $5 for a normal listing and it gave me some initial funds to start marketing campaign.

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Choosing the right script for your website

Right ChoiceI have been a newbie and have seen newbies asking this questions that what script they should use for their particular website. When there are more then one option with the webmaster it is quite a good situation but then it puts them into confusion most of the times that which way should they go. I also have same doubts whenever I start my planning for a new website.

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Complete Onpage SEO

Everyone wants to write about SEO nowadays. So here is my part for it. I will focus on the onpage optimization side of SEO because offpage side there is only one thing that is important and that is relevant backlinks for authority sites.

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Quotes of my Life

Winner only wins if someone loses. – Keral Patel

Lying is harder then telling the truth. – Keral Patel

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How I got started with my web development

Php has always been my favorite language among all the others. I started PHP in Jan 2004. I had been a developer and had developed desktop applications in past but weeb development was new for me. I was developing my first site Downzine.com at that time but that was starting and I was just confused by seeing the sheer number of controls in the cpanel at that time. In 2 months my site sponsors went down and thus my site also went down. I could not maintain it or pay for its hosting fees from my own pocket money which was already scarce at that time. Nothing happened for next 11 months and in november I met an accident as I was driving at full speed on my bike I just lost the control and fell from it. HEHHAHHA. Sometimes I think that was bad but then I think it also helped me a lot.

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