Off Page SEO – Part 1

I did write some tips for the On Page SEO. I was not planning to make another post right now for the off page part of SEO but then I decided to give it a go.

As usual some things might work for the readers while some will not work. I myself don’t know all the exact workings of algorithms on which different search engines score the websites. All things mentioned here are based on things I have learnt and have tried in past. I will only mention the things that have worked for me.

First and foremost off page ranking booster is the links, the back links. There are many ways to get links for your site from the other sites. I myself don’t depend on Black hat SEO techniques and as I mentioned earlier that we would stick to the thing that has worked for me, there is no chance we will be spreading black hat ways to get better positions in search engine.

Back to the topic, the white hat ways for making back links.

Link exchange – This is as easy as 1-2-3 and sometimes this are the biggest headaches of all. Link exchange is when you place a link of other site on your site and the same thing is done for your site by the other one. This gives an incoming link to both web sites. It is also called reciprocal linking. Just watch out that you are not exchanging links with irrelevant sites. EX: If your site is about web mastering then exchange links with other web mastering related sites. Links from programming, web hosting, domain names etc. will also be helpful as they are on relevant sites.

Ting! Okay the penny drops. I hate reciprocal links and I hate spending hours after hours trying to convince the other Webmaster that “Please exchange links with our site.”

So as soon as I started this link exchange I was going insane and stopped it just after 4 or 5 days. Now if you are just starting out as a Webmaster then I would say don’t do what I did, don’t stop with your reciprocal links. If possible then you can do that in free time whenever you get some. If you think you can take the harder way, which is also a short cut for building, white hat back links then follow me.

We will now take a look at one way back links. Which is my favorite one as I don’t have any links pages on all of my sites and I don’t even plan to put one in near future. Yes I do have useful links section here on my blog. But that is for useful links or links to my own websites. HAHHA

Humm…. lets get back to topic.

There are several ways to build one-way links we will see some of them here.

One-way links can be easily built by submitting your site to the online web directories. There is a categorized index on most of them. Where web sites are listed according to their themes. To get started you just have to pick up a free directories list and start your directory submission campaign. Open the directory URL, Browser to appropriate category, and just click on add URL or submit site button on it. Fill in the form with your site details. If you still like short cuts like me then use some auto form filler software or a plug in and it will save lots of time. Which you can use anywhere you like it.

Now no one is a complete Webmaster, who knows it all. So there is always something new that might benefit us. Out next destination will be the Webmaster discussion forums or forums which are relevant to your site’s topic. Here you get more benefits then you bargained for. First of all you get a group of other webmasters and people with whom you can exchange links the reciprocal way. You can get help, give help to others and sometimes just hang around with other community members. The major benefit of it is that some forums do allow you to have your forum signature. Most of the forums I know or visit regularly do allow up to 4 links or 255 characters in the signatures. With the help of forum signatures you will get one way back links every time you post on that forum.

Continuing on with more one way link building ideas lets see how article submissions can help us the needed back links. There are many articles websites where you find all type of articles. Some are helpful while others are of no special interest to you. Let me explain this one with an example. As always I will take an example of my own blog. To get more back links for my blog I could write some articles related to the theme of my blog, which in this case is based on web mastering. After I have written a 500 or more words article on some topic related to web mastering, I could go to article repository and submit my article in relevant category. It does allow me to put my author resource box, which can contain a link to my blog itself. Now someone would ask that why I am not doing it myself for my own blog. But here the scenario is slightly different. I am publishing the article on my blog, which in return attracts readers like you towards my blog. So article writing can be beneficial in both ways. It depends on what kind of site you have and it also depends that would you like to get back link from article repository or use the article itself on your own website. Again one question would be that how about publishing that article on the site itself and also submitting it to the article repository? But beware that your site’s pages on which this kind of articles resides might go into supplemental results of the search engine index. Now what is supplemental results, what are effects of duplicate content and how to handle situations in some cases where you have a web site which has user generated content and you cannot control duplicate content posted by them, is not included in this Off page SEO article right now. I might write something on it later on.

Well and this brings us to yet another technique like I didn’t included the duplicate content and supplemental results thing right now into this article. I just mentioned that I would write it later on. So readers get interested and they do visit my blog often to check out my new posts. This is called a kind of baiting.

Now for the next step. Most of you might have heard about social networking and book marking sites. If you haven’t then its about time to check out It will give you a better idea what the social book marking site have to offer and how they work. Whenever you open an account with social book marking site they allow you to store your favorite sites with your own custom tags that may be helpful to you later on. After reading this article till here you might have guessed what we want. In this social book-marking scenario you should bookmark your site with relevant tags and titles. You can also invite some friends of yours to open an account over their so they can benefit from the free service and also bookmark your website.

Just watch that you don’t over do it or SPAM it. To stop this kind of SPAM many social book marking websites are using rel=”nofollow” tag for the links. Yet there are other sites that do not use that tag. My personal experience is that many links do count as there isn’t a “nofollow” tag and even if there is one, it can surely bring in the traffic.

After doing this much which is mentioned here in this post off mine and with the on page SEO that is mentioned in my earlier post. You will at least see some significant change. For small website with less competitive keywords this much will be enough. For medium competition keywords you can increase the numbers like more directories, more articles, more forum posting, etc. For tough keywords all this work with dedication is a must but you also have to be innovative and try to market your site in all other ways that are possible and ethical. Moreover the visitors experience on your site should also be somewhat extra ordinary.

I hope this will help some new people to get started with their SEO and get some traffic to their site. I will post more tips soon enough because there are many ways to market the site and I could not cover all of them right here into a single post. I did explain some things in detail and skipped some parts so a new Webmaster can understand it properly.

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