Complete Onpage SEO

Everyone wants to write about SEO nowadays. So here is my part for it. I will focus on the onpage optimization side of SEO because offpage side there is only one thing that is important and that is relevant backlinks for authority sites.

Okay now back to our onpage SEO tips.

  • Title
  • Meta tags
  • Header Text or opening text.
  • Content of the page itself
  • Menu and navigation sturucture
  • Sidebar if it has any.
  • Footer

Okay now for the Title. Keep it around 80 characters long with keywords and phrases of keywords in it. Please don’t over do it. For example if my blog is about webmastering I have written it something like “Webmastering with Keral Patel” sometimes you can also append your sitename at the end of the titles.

Meta tags are the meta keywords and meta description tags. See if you have relevant keywords in your meta tags and description and just don’t stuff lots of keywords hoping that you will get traffic for all of them. It will just dissolve the weight of the main keyword. Also see each page has good description describing what that page is for.

Header text or opening text. Try to use keywords in the first paragraph or variants of that keywords in your first paragraph or the heading. For example if I had to write something for webmaster blog I could have written something like this: “Welcome to our online webmaster blog where you will find the most recent news of web development world along with tips and tricks to help make your webmaster much easier then before. Keep yourself updated with information on programming, web design, search engine marketing and link building tactics.” and all that blah blah will go in first paragraph which will include the keywords relevant to the topic of the site and which will also be readable by a human without bumping their heads against the walls trying to figure out what is written on it.

Content and the page itself should contain the keywords and variants of keywords somewhat similar to the opening text. Also make sure you end your content text with some good phrases which contains relevant keywords.

Menu an navigation structure. Here you can make menu names which reflect the topic of the page it is linking to. This will help the search engine bots know exactly what to expect. For SEO friendly URL’s you can use Mod_rewrite with help of .htaccess file.

If your site has a Sidebar then you can put tids-bits of information in it which might be linking to pages that are deeper into the site. Don’t forget about using good anchor texts and proper useage of keywords here.

Footer can have your copyrights and a keyword phrase which explains on what topic your site is.

After the above thing is done it must be followed with a good offpage marketing campaign and you will surely see some very good results.

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