Quotes of my Life

Winner only wins if someone loses. – Keral Patel

Lying is harder then telling the truth. – Keral Patel

Business is business and charity is charity, Don’t mix them up. – Keral Patel

Timely savings, safe investments leads to prosperous life. – Keral Patel

There isn’t any obstacle in this world that a human cannot overcome. – Keral Patel

There isn’t anything like low resources, its your bad management. – Keral Patel

Never break friendship if you are going to be friends again. – Keral Patel

Never think you are smarter then others, considering others smart will keep you on alert. – Keral Patel

Don’t be afraid to let the world know who you are or they would never know who you were. – Keral Patel

There is nothing like tired. Its a word used by people who don’t want to finish. – Keral Patel

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