Quotes of my Life

Winner only wins if someone loses. – Keral Patel

Lying is harder then telling the truth. – Keral Patel

Business is business and charity is charity, Don’t mix them up. – Keral Patel

Timely savings, safe investments leads to prosperous life. – Keral Patel

There isn’t any obstacle in this world that a human cannot overcome. – Keral Patel

There isn’t anything like low resources, its your bad management. – Keral Patel

Never break friendship if you are going to be friends again. – Keral Patel

Never think you are smarter then others, considering others smart will keep you on alert. – Keral Patel

Don’t be afraid to let the world know who you are or they would never know who you were. – Keral Patel

There is nothing like tired. Its a word used by people who don’t want to finish. – Keral Patel

Inequality is the bedrock of wealth. – Keral Patel

If you are not a great sharp shooter, just line up your ducks before shooting. – Keral Patel

Live Below Means Voluntarily Or Else You Will Have To Live Below Means Involuntarily. – Keral Patel

Ambition can bring discipline and keep us disciplined. But just Ambition is not going to fix it. Ambition with a purpose will bring discipline. – Keral Patel

Making money can be a very smooth and wonderful process. It depends on which approach we take towards it. – Keral Patel

The difference between choosing a 99% Good Programmer and a 99.99% Good Programmer doesn’t makes much difference to look at. But one is 1 out of 100 while the other is 1 out of 10,000 individuals. – Keral Patel

Choose best arrow and bow. Use all your strength. Take all your time and aim it right. Let it go and don’t look where it hits. If you did first 3 things properly. Chances are it will hit dead center. – Keral Patel

Don’t Invest For Today, Nor Tomorrow. Invest For A Day That’s 20 Years Ahead In The Future. – Keral Patel

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