For Sale

Websites for saleHere you will find some of the websites and/or domain names which I own/broker and are for sale. If you are interested in buying any of this site then you can contact me via email which is mentioned at the end of this page.

I will try and keep this section updated. All the listings will be removed once sold.

All payments accepted via verified paypal, moneybookers, escrow or wire transfer.

Upon a sale the domain name will be pushed to you and I will also help in moving the site scripts to your server. After which you can change the password of your server.

Shopper Sale

URL = – Price = $25000

Description = Social Shopping Site. Custom Developed script. Can be good for generating revenue from shopping deals and related affiliate programs.


URL = – Price = Make Offer

Description = Established travels directory with #1 ranking in search engines for “travels directory” keyword. Revenue $1000 per year.

For purchasing any of the above ones. Please contact me at: