Well this is just about me page. Which I don’t think is of any use as the whole blog is full of things about me and things about my life as a webmaster, which is my current business. Maybe someday I might change this business and do something else but I have lots of doubts on that one.

  • I am MCP and MCSD
  • Have done programming in visual basic 6.0 from 2001 to 2003
  • Have done programming for a short time in Visual basic .NET
  • Have knowledge of all the designing stuff like Photoshop etc and HTML/CSS and all basic things.
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Webmastering
  • Sometimes I also do SEO for myself and private clients.
  • Sometimes I write articles and everything that comes to my mind.
  • I manage my huge network of sites.

If I am asked about myself, I would answer that I don’t know much about myself. I am right now 38 years old and maybe I haven’t discovered all the things about myself yet. If I get to know myself better then I will surely post it here.

Keral Patel