Well this is just about me page. Which I don’t think is of any use as the whole blog is full of things about me and things about my life as a webmaster, which is my current business. Maybe someday I might change this business and do something else but I have lots of doubts on that one.

I am MCP/MCSD and a Full Stack Web Developer.

I provide Webmastering Services which includes Brainstorming Ideas, Arguing with Clients, Fighting over features, Finally settling for something that we agree on. Frontend, Backend, Automated Self Services.

After that planning it out technically on my side, then execution of work and the implementation of ideas.

Database planning, creation and ongoing management. Selecting infrastructure and maintaining servers. Monetization. Ways to improve revenues. Optimizations and the list goes on and on.

Languages, Tools and Libararies that I use.

PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, C++, VB, .NET, Java

jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, React


Sometimes I also do SEO for myself and private clients.

Sometimes I write articles and everything that comes to my mind.

I manage my own websites and websites for my clients.

If I am asked about myself, I would answer that I don’t know much about myself.

I am 38 years old right now and maybe I haven’t discovered all things about myself yet. If I get to know myself better then I will surely post it here.

Keral Patel