Sometimes Webmastering gets rough

As a webmaster I might have met more people and communicated with them in last year then I have did in other 25 years of my life. Now if we take this into account and well everyone is not perfect so there are bound to be some fools in that bunch.

Today I had to deal with another totally retarded person. Here it goes:

I do have a directory which provides searchable and categorized listings of the sites. Most of the businesses likes to get listed in it. The directory is edited by me and one friend of mine. On some days the submissions go above 500 and reviewing 500 sites and then approving or disapproving them was taking lots of time and efforts.

I thought of making it into a paid directory in 2005. After that most of the spam submissions have stopped but still scams haven’t stopped yet. Out of every 5 submissions 3 are not paid for. They just go to paypal page and then close the window. They depend on mistakes made by us the webmasters. As if we are going to let one of them pass by under our watchful eyes.

Yesterday I recieved some more listings. As usual I just don’t run and open my administration panel to review it. I just check it on regular intervals. I get emails for new listings that arrive. So I thought oh okay later on….

Today morning as soon as I woke up and checked my emails there was a paypal dispute opened by one of the submitter. Reason…. Non Delivery of Goods. I was so pissed off. I was going to say something but then stopped. It has not even been 12 hours and he wanted his listing to get approved first, he was getting so anxious. I just love when someone makes me pull my hair. Now lets see what he has next. I just replied to his claim that “Man don’t get anxious just email me to my customer support email that you see in the footer all over the site. Filing a case doesn’t means it will get reviewed faster. I have been doing this business from many years and you can’t just mess me up and make me do the things that don’t fall into my predefined schedule, which I know is perfect for my business and other people’s business.”

So the next time someone gets hit by this kind of insanity then just relax, when you are dealing with lots of people there are bound to be some bad apples in the basket.

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