5 Ways Businesses Can Be Careless in Their Approach to Tech

As businesses, we can all fall into bad habits from time to time. These bad habits over time can be detrimental to the business. When we are careless we are exposing ourselves to risks and vulnerabilities that need addressing instantly. In terms of the technical aspect of our business, there is just so much that we can neglect. Partly this is because it is for many an alien concept. But if you want to minimise carelessness, here are some ways most organisations demonstrate it:

Neglecting the Fine Print

The biggest problem many organisations have is that there are so many different departments but very little quality control. A common tool used in marketing fraud is when cybercriminals use a fake URL that is one digit out from a desirable website which could result in a massive waste of marketing money on a spoof ad space website. Quality control is critical because it allows an extra safety net that will minimise all of those human mistakes.

Not Backing Up Data

Another technical issue relates to failing to back up data. There should be a regular practice of uploading information to a cloud or ensuring that information from hard drives is stored securely. It needs to be embedded into the IT policies. When we don’t back up data we end up losing it through cyber attacks or system failures. We should establish a robust IT policy to mitigate this.

Not Monitoring Employee Access

While we may need to prioritise employee autonomy with regards to IT security, if we do not monitor or control employee access this can result in unauthorised access that could start a chain of events that may result in data leakage. Any employee that has access to sensitive data must know how to use it responsibly. When we have a system to allow employees a better approach to handling data, it teaches responsibility and ensures that we are better monitoring how our employees use data effectively.

Not Having a Backup Plan

If a company has a cyber incident such as an attack, this can result in downtime, delays, and daily chaos that can render the business immobile. An incident response plan is critical to ensuring that a business is able to not just deal with the problem, but also has a selection of solutions based on the problem itself. If there is a problem with the server, this can easily be mitigated with regular backups and therefore there is minimal disruption to the business.

Neglecting Physical Security

When it comes to technical information, there is also the physical aspect that we can greatly neglect as well. We could leave sensitive documents lying around or not secure access to equipment and servers which can compromise our integrity.

If you are looking to be a far more effective business, you’ve got to understand how you are perceived. Companies that are considered careless are not going to be able to get past that stereotype. Make the right decision early on and ensure that you are covering all bases.

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