Bad Habits Your Business Needs to Break in 2023

If you want your business to be even more successful in 2023 than it has been in the past, then there are a few bad habits you are going to want to break to give you the best chance of progress and prosperity.

Doing it all

If you are one of those business owners that thinks you need to do it all, even if you don’t really know what you are doing, then you need to learn how to delegate in 2023. Whether it’s hiring a professional copywriter for your marketing or a Salesforce custom development team to handle your customer relationship management software, if you are not the person best placed to do something, you need to learn how to hand it off to someone who is.

Not only will this stop you from burning out and crashing out, but it will also make your business stronger because each task will be completed by the person best placed to do it well.

Being reactive when you should be proactive

So many promising small businesses never reach the heights that they ultimately could do because they are too reactive. Instead of planning for the future so they can get the jump on it, they simply wait for things to happen and then react to them.

This is a really bad habit to get into because often, it is too late to weather a storm in business, once it has hit. You need to be prepared for things like financial downturns, changing customer tastes and new developments in your sector well before they come so you can mitigate against them and ensure your business always stay on top.

Become a proactive planner and your business will be so much stronger, as a result, guaranteed.

Not putting the customer first

If you are a business that thinks about everything but how the customer feels, then you need to break that bad business habit immediately. In 2023, business is going to be even more customer-focused than ever before, 

That means you need to be always looking at your company from a customer point of view. Identify the pain points and seek to remove them, train your customer service staff so that they are knowledgable and attentive, and use customer relationship management software like Salesforce, to increase your efficiency and personalization, and you will find that you do much better as a business, on the whole, as a result.


If you are a business owner who is always looking over your staffs’ shoulders and rarely letting them do things on their own initiative, you need to stop now. Why? Because employees who are not micromanaged are happier, more creative, and more likely to add value to your company than those who have no authority.

Trust your employees and they will make your business stronger.

If you can break the above bad habits, then your business stands an excellent chance of growing and boosting its bottom line in 2023 and beyond. So, what are you waiting for?

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