Nominated for Member of the Month

I am so happy. (Yes again happy just after 20 minutes of being sad with the previous issue)

I got nominated for member of the month on NamePros. My best friend Kenny Parks nominated me. I am already a staff member over there and now hoping to get elected for member of the month so I can have that medal in my postbit.

Here is my acceptance speech:

Thanks for the kind words Kenny. Becoming a MOTM on NP out of more then 60,000 people is quite an achievement. I don’t want to be a selfish person and write blah blah that how much I love NP and what not. It is just a thing that anyone can understand how much I love it . For me this is an achievement not a thing for fun or just another competition. I am proud to be a part of the community. I wouldn’t have been proud enough if the forums wasn’t cultivated and taken care of by those NPers who did a wonderful job with our NamePros. Our NamePros yes I never think it belongs to someone else. I have always thought it as my NP your NP and our NP, NP of NPers who are the poles that support this huge community. I still cannot forget all the days I have passed here and would have to tell that those are some of the best days of my life. NP taught me how to trust people and how to sacrifice. It might look bit awkward but when I entered here, my brain was just like a blank paper, I was not a NPer that time, and as I was being carved out as an NPer I learnt really good lessons that helps me in my real life too. I found some really outstanding teachers here who taught me how to live and how to respect others and get respected in return. Respects to all the people who are working and who have worked in past for making NP such a wonderful place to hang around.

Hoping for the best results. I think it might end next month around same date. Lets see.

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