Do it more and do it different

Different PiecesSometimes when you think that the online business is going cold and there are no sales or less amount of traffic to your site then don’t get depressed. I had been through this in very early stages when I had just started webmastering and I was selling one product that I had been coding from 8 months. After 8 months of hard work and 2 months of online marketing when there were no sales I was starting to get frustrated. But luckily at that time I read an article on someone’s website that did mentioned that I should have more then 1 product on my website. It doesn’t matters even if the other products are smaller or cheaper then the main one. I thought lets give it a try. So I quickly coded another product in 15 days and coded it just to take the place on the website.

To my surprise it happened. The sales did started but people were buying that second product that I have coded just haphazardly in 15 days, but who cares when the sales are going on. I took sometime, thought about more features in my second product and released its next version with extra cost and from that day the site has never gave me a chance to complain.

Sometimes doing a thing differently gives you the chance you have been waiting for and sometimes doing the things again and again gives you the chance you want in online business. You can be creative at it and invent new ways to make your site different and with lots of choices for the visitors. Because who knows maybe that visitor might not come again.

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