Domain name reselling

I have been in domain name business for a long time now.

Recently I thought that it is about time that I forget about the risks that are involved and only focus on the profits that it can generate. I have decided to start something and keep it rolling for some months.

For the starters I have just posted some threads on forums that I am selling one of my 3 character .com domain name and I am planning to buy one domain name from the money it will give me. It is a small scale thing but I am just testing my skills and I know that the 3 character can generate around Low $xxx to get started with.

Plan is to be fast and fearless. Just investment and selling it for some profit rather then sticking with it like I am sticking with my other domain names.

Hoping that soon I will be having some budget to buy Low to Mid $x,xxx domain names within next 2 months or so.

Anyway it is better business then just posting in the SEO and web development section and watching it all from the sidelines.

Maybe I will post something more here when I do something good enough that I can show off.

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