Six Ways to Monetize Your Blog

In order to become a successful blogger, it is always important to remember that success comes from quality and not quantity. Internet consumers want to follow a few relevant well-polished blogs they can trust instead of reading through a hundred confusing, useless and poorly-written blogs. Bloggers, like you, who want to monetize their blogs, want a steady stream of quality followers that generate money instead of millions of useless visitors that generate nothing. Generating traffic doesn’t always translate into generating money. In order to stand out and find success in monetizing your blog – you have to implement methods that work and you have to work to convert your readers.

Dollars Cash

Take some time to read over the following methods and tips for monetizing your blog. Decide which methods will work best for your type of blog and will help you create a quality website that converts readers. Keep in mind that some methods of monetizing are more effective than others.

More Effective:

Good Content

Cater to your audience and create good content. It is important to regularly and consistently generate content for your blog to keep up with web crawlers and this content should be quality content. Be consistent, clear and inviting; develop a product that the customer can trust. Creating good content includes optimizing your content for search engines by using keywords and links that are properly placed throughout the blog. Good content is the best way to attract an audience and the best way to convince your audience to help you monetize your blog.


Ads are the easiest and most productive way to bring in money. There are dozens of different methods of advertising, including pay-per-click, pay-per-post, pay-per-impression and affiliate programs. You can always find ways to incorporate ads into your blog. When placing ads or placing links for ads on your blog: make sure to choose relevant programs and ads for your visitors. Choosing relevant ads builds trust and customer loyalty.

Less Effective, But Still Work:

Merchandise and Services

If your customers trust you, it will be easier to convince them to buy your trusted products or services. Sell merchandise or professional services such as consulting or coaching through a product page on your blog. Advertise your products through promotions on your blog. Although your blog might just be more of a promotion blog for your actual website and product page in this method, you still need to keep your reader captivated with useful and interesting content.


Take time to write reviews for other products, businesses or events. This gets your name out there and generates a steady flow of traffic to your blog. Reviews are read by a group of people looking for a specific product. Through working with affiliates you can establish a system that generates a steady monetary income.

Featured/Sponsored Posts

Have people pay to post guest posts on your blog. This doesn’t generate a lot of income, but it builds relationships with other authors and can bring in money without a lot of work on your part.


After gaining the trust and loyalty of your visitors don’t be afraid to ask for donations. This requires a more personal type of blog, but many committed visitors will be happy to donate to your cause. Provide a clever tagline and a link to make their donation easier.

When blogging, always remember to keep the reader in mind. You want them to enjoy their experience on your blog so much that they will continue to visit your site and eventually convert to a purchase or even a string of purchases. Good luck and happy blogging!

Cami Wilson works as a writer and editor for PMI. She loves everything about blogging and social media marketing. When she isn’t working you can usually find her outside enjoying the mountains near her home.

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