Free Online MP3 Player

Have you ever tried to put on a MP3 player on your website? Or do you plan to put one? I had been doing a project for one client where he needed me to put on a MP3 player on his website for his users to listen to the songs they upload to their private profile.

I checked out many flash MP3 players but most of them were lacking some features and some had more features then I needed for making it simple yet working and appealing for users.

Then I found the Free Flash MP3 Player at

It was free for use and even the registered version was available for a small fee.

Some of the features were like loading a playlist as well as a single file for playing in the player, Visualization effects, Skinnable player using XML skins and could be controlled by Javascript too.

Comes with 4 nice skins and examples on how to integrate it and for more help there is always an online documentation.

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