Namepros – The Domains Community

Well I used to roam here and there on internet in past. But one day I came across a community called NamePros. I was the 24454th member on it. It was a cool place to hang around and I started passing my time over there. Soon I found some very nice friends on it. Who not only changed the way I looked towards the things but also helped me a lot with making right decisions. Today it has grown to 91,000 members as I am writing this. Yes 91,000 domainers at one place.

In my past 3 years I read a lot of threads on it and posted a lot on it. Learnt a lot and taught a lot. It was overall a great experience and I have no intentions of putting a stop to it. In between I was also chosen as the staff member for managing the Search Engines section and Webmaster Tutorials section over there. If someday you get a chance then please drop by to checkout those sections that I am managing.

It has been a wonderful experience over there and staff people are really kind and professional. They laid the foundation for a great community to prosper on.

I am still addicted to tobacco and NamePros. I will be leaving one and that would be tobacco.

What else can you ask from a community when there are some of the greatest people I have ever met in my life and there are opportunities for a pro domainer as well as a newbie who is just looking to start his or her online career.

They do provide domain name registrations with NP$’s [The forum currency], sales and purchase market place, tips on better domaining, sections for web development and section for search engine optimization too.

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