Do you burn the feeds?

As I wrote in past about using the RSS feed to promote your websites. The RSS feeds is a great tool for a webmaster to get lots of backlinks and also get the newer pages crawled faster.

Lets assume we are talking about wordpress blog here. So if you have a wordpress blog then your feed URL is something like and then /feed/

When someone subscribes to your RSS feeds from here with his or her favorite RSS reader then he does gets the updated RSS feeds from your site if they exist.

I was recently surfing the web and found a nice plugin for wordpress called FeedBurner Feedsmith.  To use it you have to first of all get your feeds into and when you do get the Feedburner URL for your feeds you can install and activate this plugin and specify the feedburner URL for your feeds to redirect to.

What will this do? This will be more or less same like your own feed delivering layer but this will allow you to track your feed readers better then anything else. Your feed readers chicklet will also show the good number of readers who have subscribed to your feeds. With feedburner feeds being delivered you can also give an option for “Subsribe by email” to your readers.

I am using this plugin since last 30 days and it has been very helpful. Moreover building a loyal feed readers group is also an essential part of marketing strategy. As your feed readers are the visitors who will most of the time return to your site to checkout the new posts and articles posted by you. The daily new traffic is another story, but you have to slowly build up your returning visitors and without analyzing them properly you cannot put the efforts to get more loyal visitors like them.

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