My Life as a webmaster

Love My LifeI have been a webmaster since I started my career which was obviously as webmaster. I have never worked in any other field and cannot even imagine of working in any other field as there are many advantages of being a webmaster.

First of all I am free to do whatever I want to do. I can wake up at 11 or I can sleep whole day long and work at night. No one is going to tell me when I should do or on what project I should work upon.

The second advantage is that I am always home and can always go outside with my friends whenever I want to. I just have to shut down my PC and get out 😀

The third advantage is my income, it is good enough and from past three years I have been living a very good life, so cannot even imagine of working in some daytime job and earn 10% of what I am earning right now. Moreover my past projects are giving me fixed monthly revenues so why would I want to work whole day long to just get some amount of money which is nothing compared to what I can earn just messing around with my friends on the internet.

Could I live in future without this source of income? Don’t know 🙁 I don’t even want to think about it.

Well there are lots and lots of advantages but I will also list some disadvantages.

First disadvantage for me was that being an online professional I am getting more and more familiar with fast and efficient results. If I pay someone online I know what I will get. If I commit myself for someone’s project I know what my deadline is. etc. etc. But when I go outside here and see useless timelags in getting my work done or even waiting in que. My blood pressure goes high. I start getting frustrated. [Well I try to tell myself that this is not internet but still]

Second disadvantage is when you work so freely and when you always finish your part of work online then you are never familiar with taking someone’s curses or bad words. So when I am roaming around here locally with my friends I cannot tolerate to take shiiit from other people. This has landed me into bad situations many times. But then I had to solve it because again I cannot take shiiit from them and that’s it.

Third disadvantage is that you become familiar with all the marketing styles and all the lies when you are already working on internet you are bound to be that much knowledgeable by the end of 5 years. So whenever I see some foolish ads trying to promote something more foolish then their ad itself then it again frustrates me.

Last one is so so… You will find people online who will make you pull your hair out. On the other hand you will also find many people who will be very professional and courteous. So you have to tackle all of them if you want to run an online business.

So this is how it goes on and on… Has been going on since last 5 years and I am still not satisfied. I want to do more projects and nowadays I am just doing it to get kicks out of it.

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