Learning to Write Descriptions for Effective SEO

Writing an effective description on your Meta description tag will go a long way in helping your site rank well in search engines. Of course, you need to pay attention to several other aspects of search engine optimization, but you will lose a lot if you don’t learn to write descriptions effectively. It is also true that Meta tags are no longer as powerful as they have been in the past, but they are still useful and demand your attention.

Write Meta Description

More about Meta Description Tag

When you use a search engine to search for a something, you get a list of results. Under every result, you will find some text and links. The text is basically a short description of the site or page you might want to open. This description is usually the first few lines of the content found on the website, but it could be something different, especially if a user is conducting an advanced search – they will see Meta description in this case.

These Meta descriptions are basically an important part of your foundation SEO, which is the reason why you should never overlook their importance – it doesn’t take a lot of time to create these descriptions, but they could have a good impact on your standing in the search engines results pages.

Here are a few simple things that would help you to write impressive and effective descriptions.

Learn to Write an Enticing Description

If your description is not interesting and enticing, it will not inspire the user. Consider is from an advertising perspective – your description could sell your website to the viewers, and they might click the link after reading that little intro. At the same time, you need to ensure that your description is easy-to-read, yet description. It is important to have a keyword in your description, but avoid adding a string of keywords – it will give a spammy look and Google might penalize you for this.

Learn to Pick the Best Keywords for Your Description

To make your description effective and accessible for search engines, be sure to add a keyword or two in it. You shouldn’t be adding several keywords here; instead, it is better to find a couple of strong and powerful keywords and place them at the beginning of your description. Make certain that even after adding keywords, your description is relevant to your website and is understandable for the users. Remember, your emphasis should not be on adding two keywords, but it should on embedding your keywords while creating grammatically correct sentences.

Keep it Short

While you will be tempted to write a full-length description, it is important to be clear and concise. Also keep in mind that only the first 150 characters of your description will show on the search engine results, so you really need to be crafty with the use of words and keywords. Instead of writing a long description that exceeds 200 characters, you should focus on conveying your message in 150 characters or less.

Copy Your keywords from Meta Keywords Tag

It is a good practice to use the same keywords in your meta description that you have used in your meta keywords tag. This will ensure that you have selected the most powerful and strong keywords for your tags. It is therefore important to use the same keywords in meta description and keyword tag – you should have the same keywords listed in your content on your website. You should consider taking these steps because the keywords in the keyword tag tell the search engines that you are trying to optimize your website for these keywords, and if they do not appear in meta description, it will only confuse the search engine.

Use the Same Techniques for Page Introduction

As mentioned earlier, sometimes your meta description doesn’t appear on the search results; instead, they display the first few lines of your page introduction. Therefore, it is important to be careful when writing the intro. Make sure to include your strongest keywords in the beginning of the page intro for effective SEO.

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