Selling your banner space at Linkworth

I know most of us have PPC and other monetizing options but some sites might need bit different kind of monetization. I had some content based sites where there were some pages which did had space where I could sell banners. So it is about utilizing the banner space which is otherwise being wasted.

Today I came across a nice site called which offers nice service to sell banner spot on your site. They have per pages banners, banners for whole site, Incontent text links, etc. It is a good way to monetize some particular pages if you have in your site.

If you want to also promote Linkworth itself, when you signup for their affiliate program once you have been a publisher. Referring someone will give you $50.00 for every person who joins them. On it they are now even going to include the 5% earnings on all recurring charges for the life of the account you referred.

You are only eligible for your affiliate payment once the referring accounts meet the $100 minimum.

Well if you are not a publisher type and want to promote your sites on it then there is an advertiser program that will allow you to place your ads on other publishers in their network.

I have just joined them and here is my affiliate link if you would like to signup with it: Link Worth

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