Webmaster blog

Webmaster blogYes it had always been my dream to start the webmaster related blog and I think it is getting quite successful as of now. I started this blog in last June. Wasn’t knowing that I will go this far with it. But nowadays I am enjoying it.

Have been getting constant feedbacks from all my readers and from their point of view they are loving it.

I have already posted much about starting a new website, getting a great domain name, choosing good servers, scripting and SEO. Some monetization stuff has also been posted all along including affiliate marketing and PPC.

Now I am trying to focus more on writing about generating better revenues from your sites and will be coming up with new and fresh ideas for it.

Also thinking on the open source side. Planning to release lots of scripts for my readers in upcoming months. Where there will be commercial quality scripts given out for free. I have been coding them all along since last 3 or 4 years and I think I need to code some more for releasing free and open source scripts for the benefits of others.

If it will not benefit the bigger players then its all right. I think it will atleast get new people started with their online ventures and get them going towards becoming a successful webmaster.

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