Is someone copying your site?

CopyscapeIn today’s online world the value of unique content is still intact. All the ideas of link farms and others have been washed down the drain. Yet the unique content is still the king for online marketing and promotions.

Many webmasters put lots of efforts into generating more unique and relevant content for their websites. Webmasters work hard, research the topics and take time to type it out into a good manner that everyone can understand and learn some new things but somehow or other the spam sites copy it and post it on their own websites.

If You are a blog owner or a webmaster whose content has recently been copied and it is being pasted on spam sites then here is what you can do to fight against it.

First of all you can check for the copies of your site on

If there is a copy of your site then go to that particular site and find the contact info of its owner. The best way to contact them is from their contacts page or from checking the WHOIS of the domain name which the site is using. To check the WHOIS you can use

If still there is no response then contact the Hosting service provider for that particular site. You will find the hosting service details also from the WHOIS check.

In last if nothing is working then you can file a DMCA infringement notice with the search engines.

I regularly use the copyscape and I have to hunt down the owners of the site who are copying the content from my websites. It is a wastage of time from both the ends. But well if the world was so simple place to live on then there wouldn’t have been any rules and laws.

Tip:- Don’t forget to put the copyright notice on all your content pages. It could be even a small footer text saying “©2008 By XXXXXX” where you put your company name or your own name.

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