How to Generate Traffic Using Blogging – Tips and Suggestions

Any company that wants to increase its traffic and ensure that people are clicking the right links should make sure that there is a great blog that is written by a professional writer. The blogs need not be serious and boring but they certainly have to be related to what the company does, sell or market.

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A company’s blog can be more intimate, informative and useful to its target audience than a static page. The best part is, a static page is not as SEO friendly as it is alone than when it has a blog along with it. A blog ensures there is enough textual content available to be picked up by search engines. Search engines like Google place heavy importance on textual content that is informative, relevant and appropriate to the keyword within the site. Thus, a blog is a great way to generate traffic and increase one’s ROI. Here are some of the main reasons why one must get a blog as soon as possible in order to generate traffic:

  1. A blog attracts incoming links
  2. Blogs encourage social sharing
  3. Blogs add to SEO value through comment systems
  4. Blogs bring keyword-originating traffic
  5. Blogs are easy to maintain

With all this in mind, we should make sure that a blog has these characteristics in order to generate more traffic:

A blog has to be conversational

Blogs should not be written in a very professional manner. They should be written ‘as if’ someone is speaking to a colleague at work who is not exactly a friend but not a stranger either. A semblance of professionalism in language must be maintained but at the same time, the tone should be breezy, friendly and non-alienating.

A blog needs to be of medium length

Blogs should not very long. No one on the Internet has a very long time to read lengthy posts. Everyone wants to grab whatever information they can and move on to the next website. The key is to ensure that within this limited span of attention, a web design company communicates what it wants to its readers. Thus, a blog that is between 500 – 700 words is optimal. Lengthy posts that are between 1400 – 1600 can be used for list posts, informative posts and similar blogs.

Blogs should not be keyword stuffed

Never make the mistake of stuffing a blog with keywords. It will attract penalties from Google and other search engines. Moreover, a blog post that is stuffed with keywords reads very badly.

Blogs should be informative and entertaining

A blog should be entertaining and informative at the same time. It should not be too verbose nor should it be just fun. It should strike a middle ground and be easy to read and be useful as well.

Blogs should be social friendly

Any blog is written with the purpose of it being shared across the social media so that it generates traffic. With that in mind, social sharing must be encouraged and blogs must be promoted on social sphere. This will ensure in driving a lot of traffic.

Author Bio: Carla Matt is a professional blogger and heads the content management department at a web design company. She has trained several people in the art of blogging for corporations. Click here to familiarize yourself with the art of blogging for SEO.

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