6 Smart Tips to Blogging That Works

With so much competition out there in the middle, it’s never easy to build a large fan-base through blogging and one need to follow systematic steps to succeed as a blogger.

If you intend to do blogging just to fulfill your hobby and also desire to earn huge revenues then I am afraid but you are on the wrong lane. Hours of unprecedented research, trending topics and most importantly eye-catching content are some of the key skills to be a successful blogger.

If you are serious then only take up the blogging as a full time or part time profession since it will never be easy to survive amidst the intense competition without coming up with unique and enticing content.

Blog Key on Keyboard

Here’s a brief at some of the key factors to be a successful blogger:

– Build customer base and create raving fans. If you already have a set of targeted customers and customer database that visit your blog regularly and appreciate your valuable content, it’s time to convert them into a raving fan. Moreover, since they are the gold level customers and they appreciate your work, they won’t mind referring it to your friends and colleagues and in this way your blog will also gain more visitors.

– Choose trending and interesting stuffs. The important aspect is you should be aware of your targeted customer and should have a clear idea about the relevant topics which attracts the visitors. Choose stuffs which are in trend and people find interesting to read rather than boring and outdated stuffs which turns readers off. Visitors won’t read more than the beginning two lines and they proceed further only if they find the information relevant and interesting.

– Create back links. Visit different blogging sites or those blogs which you find interesting and don’t hesitate to post your comments and valuable feedbacks on the blog posts you read. These way you will build two way communication and you might also end up in exchanging back links which results in improving blog rankings.

– Hire a professional designer. Apart from interesting content, attractive web layout and eye-catching designs also play key role in attracting visitors. Moreover, there are several visitors who trust and visit different websites and blogs only by getting attracted to their blog layout and designs. Don’t believe in doing multi-tasking because you might be expert at it (designing) but spending few extra bucks and hiring a designer sounds better idea.

– Write keyword rich content. Google panda tracks content and decides ranking of the web pages and blogs depending upon the quality and uniqueness of the content. Also, keyword count has major role to play in deciding the ranking of the pages as there is a specific limitation to using keywords and exceeding those might result in lower ranks.

– Build networks. If you are running a business, there’s no better way than to reach out to the industry people and understand about the pros and cons of the industry than building networks. Reach out to the people you think might be of some help to you and who knows you might end up in getting those relevant information and idea you were looking for to attract targeted customers.

What about you?

Are you using any of the above 6 blogging tips or is there any you’d like to add?

Let us know in the comment …

About the author:
Dragan Palla is a Croatian blogger and founder of DomainsFlow where he shares his passion about writing and building an effective internet presence. WordPress Lover. Genesis theme developer. Get more from Dragan on Facebook and Google+.

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