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What to look for when buying a wall mount cabinet

As is the case for most goods, there are a whole host of things to be considered when buying a wall mount cabinet. There are a lot of different types of wall mount racks and cabinets available in stores all over the UK and on the internet today, and this means that there is a lot to choose from, thus it is harder to come to a final decision regarding what to purchase. This is why a lot of time and effort has to be put into finding the right product for the individual in question.

Many could argue that when it comes to buying a wall mount cabinet or rack the decision is a lot more important than it would be for a lot of other goods. This is because IT equipment will be stored inside of such a cabinet, equipment which is likely to be of a high value, thus if anything was to go wrong the cost associated with this would be rather substantial. Therefore, in order to provide a helping hand and avoid such problems, this article will reveal what people should look for and what points they should be considering when buying one of the many available wall mount racks or cabinets.

The first point that needs to be considered is obviously the weight of the cabinet. Wall mount cabinets are designed in order to be fitted to the wall with ease. Nevertheless, people looking to buy one must factor in the weight of the cabinet with the equipment they are looking to store inside. If the equipment is too heavy then this will result in it dragging the wall cabinet from the wall, which will obviously result in damning consequences.

The weight of the wall mount cabinet is not the only aspect which needs to be thought about. The person buying the cabinet must also think about the room in which it is going to be placed. In most circumstances, people or businesses tend to be buying more than one rack or cabinet at a time. It is vital that the person considers the room and where the cabinets are going to be placed. So many times people make the mistake of buying the wall cabinets first without any consideration for the room in which they are going to be placed in. What they find is that they actually have no room for the size or shaped cabinets they have selected. Also bare in mind where the power supply is and any other accessories that may be needed to ensure that the they are in reach of the equipment as this could play a big determining factor on where your wall mount rack or cabinet is placed.

Points an individual should consider before they buy a wall mount rack

Perhaps you need some racks to go with your cabinets? There are a whole host different wall mount racks in shops and on the internet today; people can choose between different styles, sizes, designs and shapes. There is also the choice to choose between certain features, for instance you can get wall mount cabinets which are soundproof. This is great because it means that individuals and businesses are assured that they will be able to find something to suit their needs and effectively and efficiently store their servers and IT equipment.

Nevertheless, this also means that a lot of thought should definitely be put in to what wall mount rack to buy before a final decision is actually made. The first thing that any individual should do before going to even look for a cabinet is sit and consider the room in which it will be placed in. They should assess the layout and measure the areas in which they are considering installing a server rack. This is crucial because a lot of individuals buy a wall cabinet only to find that it is not feasible to put it where they initially desired. Most of the time this is not actually to do with the size of the cabinet in ratio to the space provided, in fact more often than not it is because the wall mount rack is not positioned in a place which is in reach of any accessories or power that it may require.

The next aspect that needs to be considered is the actual size and weight of the cabinet. As the individual is buying something which is going to be placed on the wall the weight is an extremely crucial factor. Obviously the cabinets are designed to fit on the wall with ease; however the individual buying needs to keep in mind that they are going to be putting equipment inside. Thus it is absolutely crucial that a server rack is chosen which will have the capacity to deal with the weight of equipment that will be going in it. With regards to the size of the cabinet it is pretty self-explanatory; measure the equipment to ensure that it will fit in the cabinet being considered.

In addition to this people should also consider any accessories they may need to be alongside the cabinet or any features they require from the cabinet itself. As mentioned earlier, a lot of people require the use of a soundproof cabinet, thus if this is the case then make sure your search strictly revolves around wall racks with this feature. An accessory one may need includes the likes of wall fixings.

A final point worth considering is that an individual should ensure they buy from a company which is credible and demonstrates a high standard of customer service. This is crucial because it ensures that if you have any problems you will have professionals there ready to help.

The most effective type of rack cooling

Nowadays, cooling requirements in data centres are constantly on the increase. Once you have looked into how to decrease your data usage so that you lower the amount of tech required, the importance of maintaining your equipment in your data centre is absolutely crucial and certainly something which should not be underestimated. It is very easy for things to heat up and this can potentially cause a lot of damage to the tools in question. This is why rack cooling is extremely important, because it ensures that your IT equipment does not over heat and consequently become damaged or broken. However, choosing the right climate control method can often be a difficult choice as it’s hard to know which is the most effective.

A lot of people consider using water cooled systems to control the climate of their data centre. However, this is extremely damaging financially and often it is not even possible structurally. In fact, there is a much better option available. One of the best methods of rack cooling is to use cold aisle containment. There are many reasons as to why this is the best option; not only is it a simple method but it is also extremely cost effective, which is highly advantageous, especially when you consider today’s current economic climate.

So, how does cold aisle containment actually work? To put it in to simple terms, it basically separates the warm areas from the cold areas. But most importantly, it does so without requiring any structural changes to the data centre in question.

As touched upon earlier, there are a whole host of benefits associated with the utilisation of cold aisle containment as your method of climate control. Simplicity and cost savings are not the only advantages of this type of rack cooling. One of the major selling points of cold aisle containment is that it can be used in any data centre, no matter how big or small. This is not often the case with a lot of alternative rack cooling options.

Moreover, the results of this method are practically guaranteed – you can rest assured that it will effectively cool the temperature of the room as well as aid your servers and any other IT equipment. A further benefit to consider is that cold aisle containment is not only easy to deploy but the efficiency improvements it entails are there for all to see.

All in all, if you are looking for an effective, cost efficient and simple way to control the climate of your data centre then I would highly recommend that you consider cold aisle containment. If you look online you are bound to find a lot of positive reviews and feedback about this method, especially over the other alternatives available, such as the water cooled systems. After all, the importance of maintaining your IT equipment and ensuring that it does not overheat is absolutely crucial. Having the best climate control method installed allows you to make sure that this is the case. If you are still unsure and require more information than simply search ‘cold aisle containment’ online – there’s tons of helpful information waiting to be read.

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