Some Basic SEO Tips for Website Owners

With content management systems like WordPress, Blogger, Magento etc. many internet users have setup their own blog as well as websites very easily. Although settig up a website has became fairly easy nowadays, it requires immerse knowledge and experience to market it and attract traffic.

Following is the list of some SEO and Marketing tips that every website owner should know.

Keep the title to the point

The title of the post is the most essential part. According to statistics, a simple yet attractive title yields more visitors than the actual content within. Eye-catching titles can force the user to read the content of the post. It acts as a pretty gift box responsible for representing the post in few words. Not only that, it helps for the optimization of the post for search engines too. A good title should contain the core topic keywords of the post clearly.

Give the post proper length

Apart from the title, the length of the post is of utmost important. Optimal length of a post should be 400 to 500 words. It is important to take the knowledge of readership, topic, average reading time into consideration before deciding the length of the post. Some topics might require you to write more and if that is the case then just break your blog post into parts and publish part 1 and part 2 of that post as two different posts.

Search engine optimization

Although many website owners believe that writing quality content without optimizing is enough for establishing traffic, this tip just cannot be denied. Statistics denotes that 83% of traffic comes from search engines. It is important to target the major source of readers through search engine optimization.

Chaining of articles [If its a blog]

Chaining of articles is basically linking to relevant posts. It is important to give the readers a path to follow while reading articles. If the blog is centered to a specific topic, the path can be described easily and efficiently.

Use the readership knowledge [If its a blog]

Using the knowledge of the target readers is the best blogging tip one can get. Tools such as Google Analytics provides enough statistical data to determine what the readers are looking for. Basing contents around such collected data can prove to be the pivot point of the blog.

Adding a blog [If it doesn’t have a blog]

You should add a blog to your corporate or an ecommerce website if possible. Because a blog can be a tool to keep your customers or potential customers up to date with the relevant information and it can also be used to put in unique keyword rich content to target long tail keywords relevant to the product/s or service/s that you offer on your site.

Footer Optimization

Your footer should also be well strucutured with proper links so that search engine robots can pick up important links to important pages that you want to focus on.

To wrap it up I would say that the above article is not going to be all of it. There are many other things as internal linking, getting external links for your site. A proper keyword research and a social media campaign etc. If you can do it all on your own then its great. If you are a busy person then you can hire some SEO Freelancer to do it for you.

In most of the cases for simple websites in rare niches it is easy to do the SEO and wait out for results but if you want proper results then I would advice to go for a person who has experience with it.

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