Cloud Storage In Schools

We hear a lot about cloud storage for personal use and for businesses, but it also offers great benefits to schools and other institutions of education. Here’s how:

Giving students and parents access to a cloud storage space where worksheets, resources, and other school related documents can be accessed remotely is a great way to streamline the process of information sharing.

Perhaps students have a homework assignment, but instead of spending time doing printouts and passing them around class, students simply log in to the cloud storage space, download the work, and when complete share it with the teacher.

This also opens up many doors for remote learning.

Likewise a lot of school work is based on group projects. Not everybody can always meet up to complete these tasks, but nothing is stopping them if they’re connected through the cloud. Multiple device support, and seamless file updates, make this much more efficient than email files back and forth.

Back Ups
If pupils and teacher alike are connected to the cloud there’s no need to fear about losing work or other files, because they will be backed up automatically.

Digital Libraries
Using cloud storage to share digitized books and educational materials means students can visit the library, without actually having to be on school premises to do so.

Cost Cutting
No only can cloud storage be a cost effective way to obtain more storage space, but providers like Google Drive also offer a range of free tools that can replace expensive computer software. For example many schools use Microsoft office on their internal machines at great cost. If the school and students adopted Google Drive, there are word processing and other tools that are just as effective, but completely free.

Eco Friendly
The amount of paper schools use up is astronomical. Digitizing worksheets and other documents and sharing them with students and parents, who can access them on their devices, will greatly reduce the need for paper.

Like all implementations of cloud storage there are still a number of considerations to keep in mind. Data privacy is a big issue, especially where children may be concerned. It will take extensive planning to ensure only authorized people can access sensitive information, but also that inappropriate files cannot be shared or accessed by students as well.

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