Adding A Sense Of Exclusivity To Your Brand

Exclusivity is often misdefined. We think of an exclusive boating club, or an exclusive VIP party, and assume that these events are for those with plenty of money or plenty of connections. Usually, we’re right. But exclusivity, especially as it relates to brands, needn’t be so elitist. In fact, if we hope to redefine that word or bring it back to its origin, we can see that exclusivity is a simple means in which to make a brand ‘feel’ as though it’s doing something special.


There’s a reason that certain brands do not flood their customers with an incredible amount of product or service offerings. They wish for every single product they do announce, every service they offer or every public attendance they perform to mean something, to be curated well and have that sense of time-honored exclusivity about things. This leads their audience to not only view this as a period of offering, but also that markets itself, worthy of word of mouth spreading.

How can you tap into that as a firm? We have some timely advice:

Pop Up Attendances

It can be quite simple to see that pop-up attendances are becoming more popular, time and time again, for a variety of reasons. Not only are services such as pop-up design from D4R helping firms unlock the potential in their cohesive design output, but attending at expos, small high street stores and other events can allow for their audience to make the effort to come, and social media can allow for that marketing to become more natural as many hope to see the immediate and exclusive impact you had designed through your promotional tool. When you develop the pop up attendance well, you can secure a much more cohesive approach.

A Premium Service

A premium service can often be a reliable and quite worthwhile means in which to ensure delivery costs are paid for, but also in providing value to your audiences. You may wish to offer personal promotions, curated services, or allow them to gain first access to your upcoming and impressive product library. A premium service may be as simple as a mailing list signed-up for, or a monthly subscription-based option you offer a three month free trial of in order to indoctrinate many to your services. When you approximate that, you’ll be on the right track.

Dedication To Education

When you are happy to educate, or to run expertise through your business blog, or to post your findings and show your results, you can cut through the mistaken mystery that many firms chase and instead show how willing you are to offer value and attention to your client base. Not many firms offer that, and so doing this can potentially help you position yourself as an important voice in your industry, from there allowing your voice to seem exclusive and always-informed. This can be a strong predictor of a loyal customer or client base willing to follow you.

With this approach, we hope you can thoroughly add that sense of exclusivity to your brand.

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