4 Secrets to Make Money Online with Your Small Blog

Who says that you cannot make money with your small blog? You can, and even if you only have very little traffic coming to it, you still can make money. You don’t need to have a big and popular blog in order to start making money online with your blog. In fact, with a small blog, you will know your regular visitors and they will be more targeted. Here are 4 secrets to make money online with your small blog:

1. Focus on selling services

Instead of selling products in your small blog, you should focus on selling services. This is a good way to make money with your small blog, and the most effective way. Why? Assuming that you’re targeting your audience correctly, there will be some people within the small traffic that come to your blog which are actually needing your service. Unlike products, they can find anywhere else, especially for affiliate product. But, when you focus on service, they can’t find anywhere else except through you. So, do you have some skills ready to be traded with money? Just post it in your blog. With the right pricing, you can attract many people to become your clients.

2. Network your blog

What does it mean to network your blog? It simply means to connect your small blog with other small blogs that you create. In this way, you’re building a network of small blogs in which you will increase your traffic. This is a good idea especially if you intend to use your small blogs to promote certain product. It will help you to attract constant traffic to your blog so that you can make sales automatically. With certain interlinking strategies, you can build a strong network of blogs that has prominent place in the search engine result. The result is passive income.

3. Use it as a list building machine

If you can’t make sales directly with your small blog, there is still another choice for you. You can use your small blog as a list building machine. You will use it to collect your visitors’ email addresses so that you can do the promotion through email marketing later. Yes, actually, the small traffic that you will get regularly will add up into a big list. Just don’t think that it will not work. If you have the right free product to offer, you can convert most of your traffic into subscribers. And then, you can promote the real product later through email marketing.

4. Focus on reviews

You have a low traffic blog and you want to make money from it, right? But how you can convert your low traffic into sales immediately? There is no other way than focusing on writing reviews in your small blog. Reviews can give you the best conversion rate, as compared with regular articles. If you know that your blog is doing bad, then start focusing on reviews. You should be able to start converting your traffic with your reviews. However, here is one little piece of advice to maximize your success: focus on reviewing physical products.

Those are the ways you can make money with your small blogs. So, you don’t have to lose your hope with your blog. You can still turn it into a money machine. Just apply one of the secret tips above.

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