FTP Commands list

Here is a small list of basic FTP commands that you can use for FTP. Its just for the sake of knowledge or for special scenarios when you need to access ftp through command line interface. But I would still prefer using some program like filezilla for FTP purposes.

ABOR – Allows to abort a file transfer
CWD – Allows to change working directory
DELE – Allows to delete a remote file
LIST – Allows to list remote files
MDTM – Allows to return the modification time of a file
MKD – Allows to make a remote directory
NLST – Allows to name list of remote directory
PASS – Allows to send password
PASV – allows you to enter passive mode
PORT – allows you to open a data port
PWD – For printing working directory
QUIT – To terminate the connection
RETR – Can be used to retrieve a remote file
RMD – To remove a remote directory
RNFR – To rename from
RNTO – To rename to
SITE – Allows to perform site-specific commands
SIZE – To return the size of a file
STOR – For storing a file on the remote host
TYPE – To set transfer type
USER – To send username
APPE – For appending to a remote file

I hope this will help someone and maybe sometimes help me too 😀 As I keep forgetting things from time to time.

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