For all those who think it is easy.

Easy lifeWell yes. I am just not going to break your morale but I am going to list some facts over here.

If you think webmastering is easy then it isn’t. Believe me. It isn’t.

If you are going to make a content based site then you have to either hire content writers who will charge heavily or you have to write your own content as I am writing it now on my sites. Even after that there are troubles of getting banned for no reasons from the PPC ads providers and getting low CTR or low earnings per each clicks.

If you are going to provide some services on your own then even after doing a lots of work your clients will file a charge back on you and then you lose it all for nothing. There are scammers and cheaters every where and you can’t control them all.

If you are working for someone then they hire you till they have their work done and they they fire you within a second or make false promised to promote you or get you nice earnings. Which I would say is a scam.

There are such people everywhere in every corner so you can’t take it easily.

My best advice would be to start your own stuff. Do it on your own. Because there is no one who was born with you and there will be no one who will die with you. Everyone is on their own.

Think properly and then invest your time as your time is money and money is important thing in life. After all we are doing it for money as commercial webmasters are concerned.

Weather its SEO, coding or designing. Your workers try to cheat you or if you are a worker for someone then they try to cheat you by not paying what they promised.

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