A complete guide for webmastering

Isn’t the title somewhat misleading? A complete guide for webmastering? Could it be a complete guide ever? Ahh…. Who knows lets just try and make it as complete as possible. There is enough of time left and maybe someday this will be more or less near to the complete guide for webmastering.

I will just keep it into introduction phase over here and then will keep on adding new things as regular posts and the inter linking with hyper links will slowly give it a good shape.

  • First of all I would like to start with domain name choosing and registering it.
  • Then we can look at web hosting selection.
  • How to point domain name to your server.
  • Planning the website and things to watch out for when planning it out.
  • Designing the template or choosing the ready made design.
  • Programming your website.
  • Uploading / Installing your website.
  • Marketing it and optimizing it for search engines and visitors.
  • Section about some Off page optimizations that helps to get more traffic.
  • Managing and maintaining the website.
  • Good ways to monetize the site and get better profits from it.
  • In last we will take General things that are not included in the above points.

Yes this looks good now. I will try and write each of them in detail and if there needs to be some adding then I will add that points too.

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