Using Paypal Mass Pay

Paypal mass pay method is available to anyone with a premier or business account. Now as a domainer or a webmaster when you sell your website and do receive the payments in your paypal there is a paypal fees applied to the transaction and in many cases this sums up to large amounts. For example even if you are providing services like SEO or web development for clients and they are paying you in paypal then you can take the benefit of paypal mass pay.

It is simple to use. The person who is paying needs to do is log into his or her paypal account and select “Mass Pay” link at the bottom of the page. They need to make one tab delimited file containing your paypal email address, payment amount, Currency code and each line should be separated with carriage return if there are more then one payments in that particular file.

So an mass pay file can be created in Notepad with something like this:

[email protected] $100 USD

This file needs to be uploaded into the paypal of the sender and the payment will be issued from their account to yours without much fees being deducted. All it costs is $1 for it.

It can also be used by you to send payments for Affiliate commissions, Customer rebates, Pay-to-surf rewards and Survey incentives.

Note: Author does not claims any responsibility on the use of the above information. Please use it at your own risk.

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