4 Ways to Keep Your Love of Writing Alive

So you are writing for a living. And you cannot afford to be lazy. Otherwise, you’d starve. But there really comes a time when you feel as though the spark has lost. it’s not that you no longer love writing. You know it is impossible for you to fall out of love with it. You probably just need a breather. You need to take some time off writing. There’s nothing wrong doing so. Consider these suggestions as well.

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Switch environment.
Stuck in your room or office table for hours now?

Maybe all you need is get off that chair, stretch those muscles a bit, indulge yourself in a different environment, and breathe in fresh air. Clear your head.

Forget about your essay writing dues for the meantime. You need not travel far away if you still cannot afford it. A 20-minute walk at a park or just around your neighborhood can help you relax.

Never think you are wasting time because you are taking your focus away from your writing responsibilities. You are only helping yourself perform better. You should regret even more to keep pushing hard on yourself to complete an article when nothing comes out your mind.

Get busy on another activity.
Explore other fields of interest.

Read books, watch movies, sketch, cycle, swim, or run.

Everybody feels exhausted. And we need to take a rest so we can keep our sanity intact. You might discover another passion along the way which you can focus yourself on in case you’re not in the mood to write. Find that outlet you can run to.

Who knows, while you’re on it, you might discover an interesting topic to write about.

Write it down.
Take a break from your computer.

Record any idea that crosses your mind (which normally happens in an unexpected timing) using pens and paper. Opening your computer might only remind you of tasks which lately have been bothering you. So stay away from it for a while.

Writing the traditional way, back when there were no computers yet and books are the only references we turn to, can help make you feel more in control.

You see things that you want accomplished all in one list, which you can pull out anytime you want. And you are able to right away slash those that you already completed.

Spend time with your friends.
Here’s another effective way to unwind.

Meet up with your friends. It’s your choice if you want to keep company those who are also in the same industry you are in. Or you would prefer those that are into other fields.

Those whose jobs are related to yours can help give you advice how you can cope with difficult situations just like what you’re going through today. They’d make great support system.

But so are those who totally have no idea what you’re doing for a living. These people can make you forget you still have not started anything off your latest task, not even a draft, and still make you laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

Author Bio:
Nettie Gray attests to running as an effective way to clearing head for her essay writing job, and invigorating one’s creative side. Add to that it’s free, and healthy.

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