How to choose a good domain name for your website

The very first step in making a website is to choose a good domain name on which it will reside. I have seen many webmasters doing a little bit of extra work due to the domain name they are using for the web sites. If the domain name is good enough then the traffic is surely going to come and without traffic the website is more or less worthless. If someone is not going to see the site then there is no meaning in making one.

So how to take the advantage of good domain names and convert them into regular traffic. Everything doesn’t lies in the domain name itself the on page content is also a big factor when it comes to converting your visitor into a returning visitor.

Lets start this with choosing a good domain name for your site. When you choose a domain name make sure it is related to the theme of your site. For example: If you are making an online toys shop then choose something realted to it with words like toys and shop in the domain name itself. This helps in bringing the type in traffic that are looking for that kind of site and it also helps in ranking your site in search engines by targetting the keywords in the domain name itself.

The TLD of the domain name should also be selected properly. The most common one and the popular one is “.com” so if there is the .com version of that domain name available then it will be the best choice in most of the cases.

If you are branding a domain name due to some reasons of trademarks or unavailibility of a proper domain name then try to select the shorter domain name. The shorter domain name is easy to type in and also easy to remember. It should also be pronounciable one, so that people can remember it as a word in their mind.

The word of mouth marketing does depend on this factor. Imagine a friend telling his other friend to check out your website. The other friend goes home and types in your domain name in the address bar of the browser, but if it was too confusing then he won’t remember what it was.

For other domain name ideas just imagine yourself as a person who is interested in buying the product or services that your own site is offering. Imagine what would a visitor type in or search for if he or she wants to find your site. Make a list of that keywords and then go to some domain name availibility checking tool and try them out. If you are good at SEO and would like to take advantage of the keywords in the domain name then do the keyword research to start with and include those keywords in the list. After checking for availability, if there are some domains available then place them into another list and after that available domains list is ready try the TLD check, length check and the SEO of the domain check.

Now you will have a shorter list on your hands and you can select register the domain name easily from the remaining domains.

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