Checking Amazon Affiliates Links

I was not a big fan of affiliate programs, but recently I gave amazon affiliate program a try and was worried that are my links valid and are they getting me commission if a visitor clicks on it? In amazon there are more then one way to put the link for the products. I was in doubt that some of them are not performing and are totally wasting my efforts as an affiliate.

The banners and the products links generated from your amazon associate control panelĀ  would not have this kind of problems but sometimes if you are using a plugin or a script to generate the amazon products links then this should be checked atleast once.

I searched for some way to validate my links and found Amazon Associate Link Report which emails a report after crawling the site with information like broken links and links to out of stock and hard to find items.

The problem would be that it will not accept email addresses from other email service providers. If you enter a URL then the email address the report needs to be sent should also be from the same domain name.

Reports might come in later as it depends on the size of your site and the que of sites that are waiting to be crawled before your chance comes.

I really loved this tool as it allows me to find the useless link that are just wasting my traffic and taking up the place

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