LLLL.com all registered and gone

All LLLL.com domains gone [November 2, 2007 Friday 2:01 GMT]

4 Letter has 456976 combinations and each and every .com domain name possible has been registered. Some might be in other stages but they will also go sooner or later.

I had many 4 letter .coms which I purchased earlier for development of my brandable sites. So that it can serve both the purposes. January, 2006 The countdown thread started on NamePros and after many months its over.

Daily domain drops are still occurring and some 4 letter .coms can be picked up from those drops. But maybe in some months the chances will become slim of grabbing a 4 letter .com which could be brandable or pronounceable.

As everyone know when the supply and demand channels aren’t balanced the prices are bound to fluctuate. More sales could be seen in the upcoming days.

I have registered my share of domains and am feeling happy right now that I have all of them developed and are getting some good hits.

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