Affiliate marketing tips – Part 2

This is the second part of the affiliate marketing article that I recently posted on this blog itself. In the first part we covered how to choose a good affiliate program and where to place the banners and ads that could get you the maximum benefit from the site. We also briefly discussed newletters and email marketing technique in first part.

For most of the people affiliate marketing is not working and how would it work if there is enough competition already going on in the market. The only thing that needs to be done is to hit the efforts at the right place and that efforts should be in abundance.

You might have heard about email lists. It is the list of emails that the people have opted in to receive offers and other information from you. You can use subscription forms on the site itself. Use co-registrations and co-op marketing to increase the numbers here. You can also buy in the email lists. Just watch that you buy clean lists and from a reliable source.

Other good way is to read the terms and conditions first of the affiliate program and if they do allow then make your own affiliate program which would generate traffic for you. You can bundle up some related offers and start your own campaigns. This way you can increase the work hours and man power exponentially.

Get paid from your offers and take your commissions from it. Pay the predefined percentage to your own affiliates.

Another good way to start an affiliate website is to get datafeeds which can be parsed with scripts and made into a browsable catalog of products. There are many free datafeeds scripts available on the internet that could be used. Some which are free does take some percentage out by rotating their affiliate ID’s based on the percentage. If you know scripting then it is well and good. I did made a custom datafeed script for girls products at That will give you some idea about working with datafeeds and making your own product catalog.

On the other hand I did have some other blogs and sites that were getting low traffic but there was some space which could have been utilized with affiliate banners and I did pasted relevant banners onto them. It isn’t giving me a wad of cash but yes here and there sometimes it does generates some extra income. Which if done on bigger scale on your network of sites can be beneficial. But that is simply playing with probabilities of getting a click and then getting a sale done through your affiliation.

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