Big Web Links Directory

Lately, many of you would have seen bidding directories. They are popping like mushrooms all over the internet. I was like “oh what …!!!” But then it hit me when I did checked the amount of effort and money the owners are putting in marketing it and bringing in the traffic.

If I was to bid on any of this directories then I would definitely choose Big Web Links Directory which is owned by one of my old colleague.

I have always admired the sheer amount of marketing efforts that are always applied by the owner. As of now anyone can see that the total amount of bids placed on the very first page is worth a small fortune to anyone.

Pagerank 7 with Alexa floating somewhere near 20 K’s is just a sign of excellent marketing and traffic building.

Unique template, SEO friendly URL, High PR and indexed inner pages are just some of the things that Big Web Links Directory can be proud of.

My personal bidding web directory [rating:5.0]

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