Webmasters and Online Earning

dollar signI know i have been through this and this word “Earning Online” is quite a mystery for most of the people who try their luck and then cannot wait for reap the fruits.

When internet was introduced very less people believed that it would become a house-hold thing. Then came the boom and the I.T. industry flourished.

In 1990’s each and everyone wanted to be a part of this flourishing industry. People like who thought computers are nothing but a black and white screens of numbers were rethinking again on their previous assumptions about the Personal Computing and the benefits it had.

I had been criticized by family and friends about taking my career seriously and pay more attention in school rather then on computers. But it was my hobby and you can say I was careless and never thought for a moment that this industry will leave me in the middle of no where.

The best thing I learnt from my past experience is to wait. To wait till eternity. When people get anxious to earn online they fail most of the times and land themselves in difficult situations. One other thing I learnt from my clients is that never do anything that you don’t know. Never mess around with scripts or control panels that you don’t know how they function or work properly. Reading some tutorial or a forum post about similar thing will give a better understanding of the things before jumping right into it.

If you are just starting then it doesn’t matters as you have nothing to lose but as the sites or your online business grows you have many things to lose and you won’t like to make a blunder when the things are going smoothly.

Just now my yahoo buzzed and one of my friend who was purchasing a hosting plan said to me that his hosting guy is 14 years old. I said nice. He said that yes he does looks professional and for every hosting plan he has ranging from $1/month to $49/month he is explaining it with immense interest. No matter what the client wants even if he purchases a $1/month plan he will make it upto it. Respects to this kind of aspiring webmasters who put ethics first and profits after it.

Best thing we learn everything from the surrounding environment so if your join a good community and that community itself is good then there are maximum chances you will become a good webmaster and earn online with the things that you learn over there.

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