Joined Ebay Auction Ads

auction hammerI have been seeing ebay auction ads on the internet but didn’t had that kind of sites that could perform well enough with this kind of ads. Today I met one of my old friends and he said he has managed to pay off his pending bills. (Which I knew was a lot) How by running auction ads on his 400 sites network. It was some work though. He gave me his refferal link and I joined below him trying it out here on this blog of mine and other shopping networks which have shoppers traffic to it. My own auction ads referral link is here: Auction ads

Best tip take a look at ebay yourself and see what are the popular things going on and then select the keywords for your auction ads. If you have some sites already related to online shopping then this will just kick start from the day one. But if you don’t have then also it doesn’t matters. They do allow unlimited banners per page. They support international users from all countries in which eBay has a presence.

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