Forum management problems

Now this is what is happening to some of the forums. I am admin of some of them and a moderator on some.

From many days I was just roaming here and there on the internet getting my income fixed for each month. Still I was visiting forums regularly and was taking care of my things over there. When everything was done. I thought now I will return to my beloved forums and do some work and get some things rolling on there.

Everytime whenever someone meets me from my webmaster circle they tell me that forums areĀ  getting slow. People are not purchasing things on it and most of the people are just coming on it to dump some of their junk domain names, or are trying to spin a fast one in scripts or content databases. Forums do have perfect rules and bulletproof management that never allows people to sell illegal goods. But most of the goods that are getting listed are more or less worthless in the market and most of the time everyone has a copy of it sitting on their Hard drives from months.

I decided to make a report of all the things that are bringing the forum’s quality graph, down. I have just started on one section for today. I picked up website sales section.

For website sales section on some of the forums I visited. I was totally shocked. I don’t sell my website much and mostly not on forums. But I did had an arcade which I was not able to manage due to bandwidth problems so I decided to sell it off on one of the forum and also make a report what things is really happening with the users.

Posted a detailed thread with traffic, revenue and stats info.

The very first question that was asked is where is it hosted. – Which I don’t know if was a relevant question or not. But I answered it.

Next question comes what is its relation with my other websites – Here the case was thatĀ  the script was originally done for my other site and so haven’t removed its copyrights from the script. So I explained that too.

3rd a post saying PMed you. – PM sent – PM’s which never arrive. – Pure post paddling by newbies.

I had to atlast contact the management which in most of the cases is me, myself and I.

Had to kick off 4 losers today who had been too much pain in past days.