No changes, Old is still Gold

Hello everyone, a blog post after another long pause. As usual overloaded with work. Anyway today my blog post is about marketing and the good old days when it all used to be so easy. I had always been giving out the work to marketing people whom I have been using since last 4 years. Now it was all getting too boring for me. Therefore I started looking for a bigger and tougher thing to do. I also started implementing new things in the way I used to go about promoting a particular project. I wouldn’t like to mention my project details over here, but when it is all working nice and good I might write about it again to update you people.

So the story goes that my staff was doing the content as well as marketing. Scripting wasn’t involved in this project so I was just keeping myself away from it. It was all going really nice and smooth. The site was starting to dominate the SERPs and traffic was also coming in. The graphs were going up from all sides. Reports showed everything was going nice. I thought well if everything is going nice then its great, continue with that strategy.

The mistake I made here was I forgot the basics and the initial boost that google and other search engines were giving my site was about to end. Site ended up being the last result on the 100th page and beyond. Guys said we are done. It isn’t happening anymore. I told them keep on doing the marketing and if there is a need increase the efforts. Get 2 newbies in the team and start working overtime. They did that. Which ended up being a disaster as the newbies were wasting time of my existing marketing people asking them loads of foolish questions and newbies were not able to deliver the goods.

Then one Saturday I got so pissed off that I took it personally. Money is being pumped by me without a second thought and results were zero. The more it went down the more resources were being allocated to it. Therefore I Went in analyzed the data and checked all the BS reports that they sent me in past. This reports were ignored and all I was saying was “Yeah great”.

Checked what the guys were doing and within an hour or so I was feeling angry and pissed off from inside. Took off all the newbies off the project. Assigned my best man on the job and told him the new strategy which he should follow. Well he is the best one so didn’t needed much explanation in end. He started the things the most basic and the toughest way it could possibly be done. No reports, No explanations, No discussions, No strategies, Just pure hard work.

Thankfully after a dip of 1.5 months its graphs are again going upwards. Moreover not just due to links traffic but search engines are also referring more and more people now. Revenue graphs are moving up and the expenses graphs are going down. Still a long way to go before the investments come out and it starts making the profit. Now that it is on the right track I feel bit more relaxed.

The lesson learnt from this incident was that the old ways still work. The experienced staff members are still gems and one should think twice before implementing a new strategy because in almost all cases you lose something or the other. Either it is the dollars that you are pumping in or it is your precious time that you are giving for that particular project.

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