Affiliate marketing techniques

If you have tried putting on affiliate banners and are not satisfied with the results then this article is for you. If you are planning to make a new website or monetize the existing one with affiliate earnings then this article might help you out. Moreover I think that you are already interested in generating a steady income from your affiliation and that is why you are reading this article. So here we will see somethings about making a new website which can be monetized with affiliate sales. If you have an existing one then also you can make some changes accordingly and it will work.

The very big problem I see on many sites is that the site is on some theme and the affiliate banners are showing something else. For example if I go to a kids toys site then there is no need to show Computers and laptops banners over there. If there were banners related to kids toys or even kids clothes then it might be more beneficial. That is the relevancy factor.

For sticking to relevant products and offers we need to first of all think what kind of site we have in mind and what is its topic. Don’t go for bigger affiliate products because in that you might get nothing and you will lose all hopes very soon. So think about the topic on which you consider yourself to be authoritative. Lets assume that you have a good knowledge of Hair-care and beauty. So start a site on that theme because then you might be able to write good content to attract more visitors and the visitors who read that content will return in hope for something new and better. After you have chosen that topic go to affiliate programs directory and signup for 4 to 5 affiliates who are related to the theme of your site.

The website building and marketing part we will have to skip here as it will be out of focus to include that things in this post. Moving on with affiliate banner placements.

Depending on the banners sizes and product links that the company does supply you place them properly on your web site. If you are writing content yourself then don’t forget to put product links related to words that are used in your content itself. Place the horizontal banners right above the content where it starts and place another one at the end. So even if a user has read the full article then he or she can decide to leave the website by clicking on the banner if it interests them.

If this settings are not possible with your website layout then put a floating square banner within the content itself. If you want then you can also install a custom heatmap generation script on your website. Visit for more details. It will give you a good idea where most of your users are clicking on your site.

Now that was on the site optimization which depends on your content, your placement and your choice of the affiliate products which are relevant to the theme of your site.

Another good thing to do is to install some open source free news-letters script. This will allow your visitors to signup for your news-letters. News-letters can be weekly, monthly or random it depends on you and how much information you think your users will like to get on the particular topic. Write good articles or tips in the newsletter that keeps your subscribers happy and in that emails you can put the product links of your affiliate program. (Some affiliate do allow email marketing and some don’t. So make sure by reading the terms of the affiliate program you have joined.) Be detailed and explain more on the topic and try to give as much information as possible to your readers.

There are some other ways to get earning in affiliate marketing the above two were the most simple one and easy to implement. I will stop this post here and include other ways in next post on affiliate marketing very soon.

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