How I got started with my web development

Php has always been my favorite language among all the others. I started PHP in Jan 2004. I had been a developer and had developed desktop applications in past but weeb development was new for me. I was developing my first site at that time but that was starting and I was just confused by seeing the sheer number of controls in the cpanel at that time. In 2 months my site sponsors went down and thus my site also went down. I could not maintain it or pay for its hosting fees from my own pocket money which was already scarce at that time. Nothing happened for next 11 months and in november I met an accident as I was driving at full speed on my bike I just lost the control and fell from it. HEHHAHHA. Sometimes I think that was bad but then I think it also helped me a lot.

Now there was no time for me to go here and there roam with my friends and waste my time. I was in my bed for next 2 months and read all the novels and comics and all the stuff. PHP book was also there so just read it to pass some time. And for the first time in my life I was so anxious to get to my keyboard and type out my ideas to see if they work or not. By this time I was feeling better and by this time some of my useless friends were again at my side trying to take advantage of the situation.

One of my friend told me that he has got a contract for making a script for a school management system which can manage the school things online. I was excited with my recent PHP knowledge and was just seeking something that I can build and test my knowledge. So I got started on it. For next 8 months and after 150,000 lines of php code the project was atlast completed. Now it was the time for sales. Which didn’t occur. I was not good at marketing and the people who were good at marketing were lazy so there was no scope that this product will ever hit the market.

I again went off the track and wasted some more months. I just thought that this web development isn’t my game. Soon I got married and this time it was do or die situation. I started yet another website. Can be called my first commercial website,

Made some pages and integrated paypal buy now buttons so people can buy my product online. Once again nothing happened. No results. I was in total mess, by now I have already invested more then 4 years trying to be successfull in the business and I was just fed up of failure. So I searched and found some articles on SEO and Internet Marketing. I studied it and did it all myself. Within 3 months I made my first sale of my life. I would never forget that day for the rest of my life. It gave me immense satisfaction and boosted my confidence so much that I just could not resist marketing it more and more.

I started making backlinks in abundance I thought this is the chance and if I miss it it will never come again. Result, Banned by search engines. My site was totally banned by search engines the search engine algo might have thought I am spamming or inflating the backlinks number with some artificial technique. Again back to zero. Could not tell my wife that this kind of thing happened with me because she was already happy that I was having a bit of success with my online business.

I decided to go with domaining and over there I learnt that I was bit late all the good domain names has already been taken and the ones that are expiring are getting bids which are just out of my reach. Still I registered some domain names with the money I have earned from my first sale and I started new webites and did SEO and marketing for it. In the mean time I also started giving out my own SEO and marketing services to other webmasters to keep me going.

Seven months later I reached a very good amount in one month for the very first time in my life. Now it was an unwritten order to me that I will have to earn more then that amount or maintain it per month for the upcoming months. I did gave it a try and would have to tell I have been successfull in getting that one done. Now it was just a matter of time I had to stick with this one and not try any smart moves. I sticked with it for other 1 year and even tried to increase my business without disturbing my main income flow.

Right now I have many website earning on their own and pouring the dollars from their side into my accounts. I have even developed more then 1000 sites for my clients in past years and around 100 for myself and my friends for free.

I don’t get much kicks out of it now as it all feels the same to me. All those useless 5 pages company website with about us and contact us. It just bored me. So I am constantly looking for challenging jobs and if I don’t find one which I don’t in most of the cases. I create projects of my own and make a new website which will earn for me. This way I will atleast get some good things to do in programming and php.

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