OilPrice.com Launched

Phew!! Am back from a long lasting project. Took it on 22nd march 2009 and finished it on 4th sepetember 2009 😀

You can see the website live over here http://www.oilprice.com. It provides oil related information, charts, and quotes stuff.

The project was great one. I think among one of the best ones I have done since some months. My client was also very patient and understanding guy. He truly believed in me and gave me enough time to iron out all the bugs and hitches that were coming in development process.

We held around 4 or 5 designing competitions on DP and we moved 10 designs up and down before getting settled on this one. 🙂

Charts are wonderful and are generated every 15 mins. You can also take charts and use in some of your finance niche websites to give something more then just text to your users.

In between there were hitches atleast 3 that were big. One of them was uniquely spacing out the TrueType fonts in PHP GD generated charts. I had worked with PHP GD before but never had came across an issue where the numbers should print exact under each other. I did searched a lot and then came up with a nice little algo that solved the issue. I will be writing about that issue and much more in research section here on my blog. But sorry If I don’t disclose too many things in it. Because I also have to see that I don’t give out much more information then needed, which my client wouldn’t like.

I hope some of you will like the site and some of you will benefit from the charts and quotes and widgets available over there.

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