Choosing The Right Keyword Niche

As we all know, content is the king of making a good website. Good website means that the website gives good information and also SEO (Search Engine Optimization); so that it will appear on top ten of search engine results page. If those two things can be acquired, then we can say that the website is good, aside from its design or template. But, people still digging more and more to find the best SEO technique to win the competition among other websites in their SEO.

The primary thing that we need to find is the right keywords that people may type in the search engine’s bar. There are many possibilities of those keywords, and finding the best keywords sometimes takes much time and energy, but for the best rank and getting more traffic, it will be worth thing to do.

For example, you want to make an article about 3G cell phones. You need to vary the keyword to 3G mobile phones, 3G wireless phones, 3G cells, 3G mobile, and any other possibilities. Sometimes, error typing can also become varieties such as 3G cellphone, 3G mobile, or some other error typing. Don’t give up finding new keywords, developing your creativity, and seeking some other possible keywords.

Try to use google trends or wordtracker to do some research about your keyword niche. This will dramaticaly increase your web traffic performances. Your writing or we could just say as blogpost is an (almost) eternal investment for your blog/website so try to make the blogpost with the best effort you can. Some keyword niche having huge volume traffic but the competition will be very hard in there, while other keyword niche having less volume traffic with less competition. The final decision is always in the hand of the author it self.

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