Don’t waste your bandwidth!

All website or blog owners want to get high traffic of visitors who come to their site. With high traffic, the website owners can spread the information of the website or sell their products to the customers. Another benefit from high traffic is that the site will look more interesting for the advertisers who might want to put a banner or an ad on the site. Usually I check my blog stats once a day, if the traffic has increased I would analyze what kind of article become the traffic source.

There are many methods to increase traffic and invite much more people to visit your website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will always be the main tool to increase your page rank and your traffic too. But before you enter SEO, you need to understand all the basic things about the elements of your website that can affect your visitors.

Every website is hosted somewhere and the server has a limit on bandwidth usage. If you use too much video, flash, or big images on you site, it will make your site slower to load and visitors will have difficulty in accessing your website. It will also use up your bandwidth rapidly.  The first simple tip is to make your site easier to access and save more bandwidth for other visitors. Another benefit with light and simple website is that it will make the site easily available to all your visitors across all your pages.

Make your point structured, only use picture or video when it is really necessary. No need to use fancy words, but don’t forget about keyword densities. If you have to use images, try to host it on other picture images and put the thumbnail in your site. Web servers bandwidth is one critical thing we must take a good care of, if we forgot maintaining our bandwidth then problems starts happening. When the traffic is huge and your bandwidth management is not good then your site gets suspended because of over exceeding the bandwidth limit. It will cause domino effect that will decreasing the visitor traffic it self. People will always hate when they come across just to find a suspended page.

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