Best SEO Writing Techniques

Not everyone is a writer, that’s true, but if you want to write your own content for your web pages it pays to have some knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.  This article will provide some insight into the best search engine optimization writing techniques.  The emphasis will be more on the proper techniques, not the bad ones.

It is important to understand that the content you will be providing on your site will attract more than customers; it will attract spiders.  This is a good thing because if search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN (Bing) can’t find you then your page ranking won’t go up.  If you can’t be found on the first page of search results you will have problems being found at all.

So how can you make sure the spiders crawl your pages?  Write naturally, but insert some SEO keywords and phrases into your content.  Use bold keyword text or put the keyword or phrase in italics.  It is important to get your keywords into the first paragraph and ideally in the first sentence or two.  Headlines and sub headings are also the place to put your naturally flowing keywords.  If it doesn’t sound right to have the keywords in this area leave them out instead of making it read funny.

Although you do want to have search engines find you they aren’t the ones that will buy your product or service, so make sure your articles are written uniquely with facts and interesting and relevant content.

Keep the sentences short.  Infuse some of your businesses personality in your articles.  Humour can be part of your content if it fits the article.  Also, paragraphs should be limited to three or four lines.

Add promotions, offers and coupons to your SEO writing.  Customers are always searching for the best deals and you should be ready to provide it.  Combine these best SEO writing techniques to increase your company’s revenue.

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