Website Promotion with RSS feeds

Rss PromotionThis post will just focus on the ways to get the better rankings through RSS feeds.

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Domain name reselling

I have been in domain name business for a long time now.

Recently I thought that it is about time that I forget about the risks that are involved and only focus on the profits that it can generate. I have decided to start something and keep it rolling for some months.

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Do it more and do it different

Different PiecesSometimes when you think that the online business is going cold and there are no sales or less amount of traffic to your site then don’t get depressed. I had been through this in very early stages when I had just started webmastering and I was selling one product that I had been coding from 8 months. After 8 months of hard work and 2 months of online marketing when there were no sales I was starting to get frustrated. But luckily at that time I read an article on someone’s website that did mentioned that I should have more then 1 product on my website. It doesn’t matters even if the other products are smaller or cheaper then the main one. I thought lets give it a try. So I quickly coded another product in 15 days and coded it just to take the place on the website.

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Nominated for Member of the Month

I am so happy. (Yes again happy just after 20 minutes of being sad with the previous issue)

I got nominated for member of the month on NamePros. My best friend Kenny Parks nominated me. I am already a staff member over there and now hoping to get elected for member of the month so I can have that medal in my postbit.

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Sometimes Webmastering gets rough

As a webmaster I might have met more people and communicated with them in last year then I have did in other 25 years of my life. Now if we take this into account and well everyone is not perfect so there are bound to be some fools in that bunch.

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Promoting a forum

I have many times came across a question that many new community owners have in their minds. The promotion of a community or a forum. Well as this questions are asked by the owners of the forums you might have imagined by now that I mostly find them on other webmaster forums where they hang around to socialize with other webmasters.

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Welcome to Webmastering blog

Hello and welcome to the webmastering blog by Keral. Patel.

I will be posting here my experiences and some cool websites that I have came across.

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Useage of beautiful pics by webmasters

There are things like beautiful pictures and photographs which might bring in the traffic to your website and sometimes even returning visitors looking for it. I have heard cases where putting some beautiful girls pics started bringing in 3 times more traffic then before for a webmaster I met on one bulletin board. So it might be a good idea to use those pics, right? Who knows it might be good but as usual I again like to think negative first of all.

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Blog Comments On or OFF

I had already turned my blog comments OFF from the day one. But still I thought about reading the ideas of other bloggers. To my surprise I found out that some bloggers are going off the edge and saying “A blog is not a blog without comments”

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Install FFMPEG on server

Here is the tested and working procedure that installs the FFMPEG on a Linux server.

First of all download Putty from here:

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