Do you trust your webmaster?

There has been some situations in recent past with some of my friends who had a really bad day with their clients. The major problem that is in most of the cases is the client [One who is buying the webmaster services] does not have technical knowledge of things and how do they work. While webmasters [The one who are selling webmaster services] are too techy and they think all the things they are saying are really easy to understand. So they do not make extra effort to clarify details.

This leads to problems between a client and a webmaster.

Many times the clients expect too much out of their webmaster. But then clients also have to understand the situations and have to understand what is realistic goals for a given task. My friend was given a task for managing 10 sites on monthly basis but when a week passed by the cleint started juggling the sites in and out from those 10. This started creating problems for my friend who was providing the service and when we met he talked to me about this. Well I gave him a simple advice 😀 Refund all the money back and checkout new clients who are not thickheaded like the one he was dealing with right now.

On other hand I have a very old friend who is on the other side of the river. He is the client in one scenario and he is having a problem in getting updates from his webmaster. The webmaster is working that I did checked myself when my friend told me to check his sites out and see if the work is being done as mentioned or not. But the problem is that he cannot tell me to checkout his sites and give him updates. It was his webmaster’s duty to update the things and give him a timely updated reports and their progress. Same advice here too. Dump the webmaster move on.

It was in end really easy for me to swap the unsatisfied webmaster who was looking for a new client and unsatisfied friend who was looking for a webmaster to handle his sites. I guess the lesson is learned on both the sides so they both will now know what to do and what not to do.

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